IMO Expert Group ISM Code

INTERTANKO was invited to join the independent expert group established by the IMO’s Secretary-General Efthimios Mitropoulos, with the objective of studying the impact of the ISM Code and its effectiveness since it came to force on 1 July 1998.  The first meeting was held on 12 November 2004 at the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and was chaired by Mr Koji Sekimizu, Director of Maritime Safety Division.

Pursuant to the decision of MSC 75 to assess the impact of the ISM Code (International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention) on the safety of ships, and its contribution to the enhancement of safety and quality of shipping, the Secretary-General intends to establish an expert group to undertake a study to assess and develop a practical way for the IMO to address the impact of the ISM Code on the safety and security of ships, and on the protection of the marine environment.  The main objective of this exercise is to provide him with a report from independent experts on the impact of the implementation of the ISM Code, which would be further discussed at MSC and MEPC.

The independent expert group is given the tasks of a) collecting data, statistics, and other impact assessment information within the domain of their respective organisations; b) developing a draft Model Questionnaire to collect information on different types of vessels under headings such as: detentions, serious/recurring deficiencies, casualties, risk assessment analysis; c) analysing the information on the basis of data collected, and identifying trends and assessing the impact of the ISM Code on the safety of life at sea and on the protection of the marine environment.

The group of experts is selected from administrations, universities and shipping industry organisations, assisted by officials from the IMO Secretariat as designated by Mitropoulos.

Contact:  Minerva R. Alfonso