IMO NAV 51 - Revision of performance standards for VDRs and S-VDRs

Due to several incidents that had taken place during which the VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) download and playback equipment was damaged, resulting in the accident investigators not been able to retrieve the data, the IMO recognised that after an incident there is a need for investigators to be able to download the stored data and playback the VDR/S (Simplified Voyage Data Recorders)-VDR information without delay.  

The NAV Sub-committee therefore agreed upon a standardised interface to VDR and S-VDR data. However, it was noted that the next implementation deadline for fitting VDRs commences on July 2006 giving little time for manufacturers to comply with any changes. However, on the basis that no other amendments were required other than the download and playback equipment, IMO prepared a draft preliminary Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) resolution on the adoption of amendments to performance standards for shipbourne VDRs [Resolution A.861(20)] and S-VDRs [Resolution MSC.163(78)].

 These draft circulars will be circulated in next week’s Weekly NEWS. 

Contact: Howard Snaith