IMO yearly update on provisional categorised liquid substances

On 17 December the International Maritime Organization (IMO) published MEPC.2/Circ. 10. This circular is finalised every December and is a yearly update on all provisional categorised liquid substances. It is issued in accordance with regulation 3 (4) of Annex II to MARPOL 73/78 and replaces MEPC.2/Circ. 9.
It is composed of a series of lists (Annexes). Annexes 1 to 4 provide lists of noxious liquid substances (NLS) with associated categories and minimum carriage requirements which have been established through Tripartite Agreements and registered with the IMO. Annexes 5 to 11 are intended to facilitate the reporting of Tripartite Agreements and the interpretation of abbreviations used in Annexes 1 to 4. Annex 12 deals with cleaning additives. Decisions are made on any expiring tripartite products by the IMO's Bulk Liquids and Gases (BLG) Sub-committee’s Working Group on Evaluation of Safety and Pollution Hazards of Chemicals (ESPH).

Annex 1: List 1: Pure or technically pure substances;

Annex 2: List 2: Pollutant only mixtures classified by calculation or assessed as a                         mixture;

Annex 3: List 3: Trade-named substances with safety hazards;

Annex 4: List 4: Pollutant only mixtures with >3% unassessed components;

Annex 5: Country abbreviations (Part 1: Code/Country; Part 2: Country/Code);

Annex 6: Oil-like substances;

Annex 7: Substances not shipped in pure form but as components in mixtures;

Annex 8: Tripartite contact addresses;

Annex 9: Manufacturers authorised to conduct pollutant-only assessments by


Annex 10: Lube-oil additives;

Annex 11: Hydrocarbon families;

Annex 12: Cleaning Additives

The IMO has also published an MSC/MEPC circular listing products that have been omitted from the IBC Code due to missing safety data, pollution data or both: MSC Circ. 1128/MEPC Circ. 423 . MSC has consolidated the missing products into one list, contained in the circular, to assist the industry in supplying the missing data (see article in Weekly NEWS No. 01 of 7 January 2004).

If you need copy of MARPOL Annex I (Regulations for the prevention of pollution by oil) or Annex II (Regulations for the prevention of pollution by noxious liquid substances in bulk) or the IBC Code as adopted by MEPC52, do not hesitate to contact Margaret Doyle

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