On 15 and 16 July INTERTANKO attended the joint seminar at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) between the IMO and IALA (The International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities).

The purpose of the seminar was to familiarize the maritime community with AIS and explain in detail what it is and what is expected of the system.


The seminar was very well attended by nearly 200 delegates.


Copies of the speakers’ papers can be viewed here.


Paper 1 The Role of IALA in the development of the AIS - Jean-Charles Leclair - IALA


Paper 2 The Role of IALA in the development of AIS - Bernard Tepper - Canadian Coastguard


Paper 3 The role of TC80 in the development of AIS - Michael Rambaut - IEH


Paper 4 Guidelines on the operational use of AIS - Hans-Heinrich Callsen-Bracker - Federal Ministry of Transport Building & Housing


Paper 5 Ship to Ship Applications for all classes of vessel - Capt Benny Pettersson - Nautical Advisor Swedish Maritime Administration


Paper 6 manufacture of AIS equipment - Capt Keith Burchell - Commercial Executive Director Marine Data Systems


Paper 7 - The Onboard installation of AIS - Anders Bergstrom


Paper 8 Vessel Traffic Services -

Mike Sollosi - Office of VTS, United States Coastguard


Paper 9 Ship reporting by AIS - Clive Davidson - CEO Australian Maritime Safety Authority


Paper 10 AIS long range Ship Reporting - Wim F.M. van der Heijden - TNO Physics Laboratory, the Netherlands


Paper 11 AIS and aid to Navigation Dr N. Ward General Lighthouse Authorities United Kingdom


Paper 12 - Ship owners views AIS - Commander P. Hinchliffe - ICS


Paper 13 Informing VTS and Aids to Navigation - P.E. Kent - IALA


Paper 14 Integrating AIS technology into Marine Pilotage - Nick Cutmore - IMPA


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