IMO’s Marine Safety Committee (MSC 78) meets with huge and vital agenda

This week has seen the start of the Marine Safety Committee meeting #78 at IMO which commenced on Wednesday and will continue through to next Friday.

This Committee has a comprehensive and packed agenda addressing key issues such as maritime security, lifeboat safety, piracy, long-range tracking and identification of ships, permanent means of access, goal-based newbuilding standards.

There will be reports from IMO sub-committees including Design & Equipment (DE), Standards of Training & Watchkeeping (STW), Marine Environmental Pollution Committee (MEPC) including revisons to MARPOL Annex II, Fire Protection (FP).

Navigation items include proposals for anchorages in the MalaccaStraits and transits through the Bosporus/ Dardanelles.

Members will be kept advised of progress at MSC 78 in next week’s Weekly NEWS.

Contact: Howard Snaith