IMO’s Validation Panel on Maritime Security – ISTEC Working Group

INTERTANKO attended STW 34 at the IMO last week including the Working Group (WG) on Prevention of Fraudulent Certificates of Competency and on the Development of IMO Model Training Programmes for SSO (Ship Security Officer), CSO (Company Security Officer) and PFSO (Port Facility Security Officer) in accordance with the ISPS Code.

INTERTANKO members have expressed concern regarding the costs involved in training SSOs, CSOs etc. as well as the difficulty of meeting the deadline of 1 July 2004 for such training. The STW 34 WG has therefore been tasked to address these points. INTERTANKO has placed focus on ensuring that any such IMO training programmes are “in house” or “in service” i.e. that it is not necessary for SSOs to be required to attend a shore-based training course but that these can be arranged in an approved form onboard the vessel at sea. Terms of Reference (TOR) are being worked on by the WG to develop model courses as well as a course framework, course outline and timetable. In brief the first draft of the TORs specifies that timely delivery of the model courses must be ensured and that developers must meet the following project milestones:

1/ First draft to the IMO Secretariat in electronic format by 30 May 2003 (date to be reconfirmed), and
2/ following review by a Validation Panel to incorporate the Panel’s comments by 8 September 2003.

IMO have asked for volunteers to participate in the Validation Panel which will undertake the review of the course and comment upon it via a correspondence group. The volunteers for this Validation Panel are: Denmark / Germany / Greece / Japan / Mexico / Netherlands / Sweden / United Kingdom / ICCL / ICFTU / IFSMA and INTERTANKO. The undersigned will be INTERTANKO’s contact person.
ISTEC has subsequently formed a Working Group on Maritime Security consisting of three member representatives, plus the undersigned as Secretary. This WG will ensure that INTERTANKO remains at the forefront of developments and information and will have a say in the creation of these courses/programmes, where they are to be held, and their duration.

Contact: Gunnar A. Knudsen, on e-mail: