The UK Government together with a number of industry associations, (OCIMF, BIMCO, INTERCARGO, IACS and INTERTANKO) have jointly submitted a document to the 10th Session of IMO Sub-Committee on Flag State Implementation (FSI) on a Continuous Synopsis Record for ships.

At the INTERTANKO Council meeting in Athens in October 2001, it was agreed that member vessels should carry specific, historical information readily available in case of an accident or significant incident. OCIMF were of the same opinion and a joint submission was drafted for the 10th Session of IMO’s Sub-Commission on Flag State Implementation (FSI). IACS was asked to join, and the idea was subsequently supported by other industry bodies and the UK Government co-signing the submission.

In brief, the submission proposes that all ships should carry a Continuous Synopsis Record, in order to provide information on the ship’s history in a transparent manner to all interested parties. The record should include information such as the name of the ship, flag, registered owner, name of DOC holder, class society(ies), ISM Code DOC and SMC issuer, application date of changes to any of the data and name of the party entering the change.

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