INTERTANKO Chemical Study update

INTERTANKO is currently conducting a "Tonnage Availability Impact Study" of its chemical tanker members to verify with other sources (including the LR/Fairplay Data base and Clarkson's) the Type 2 and Type 3 space currently available within the membership.

INTERTANKO, at the request of its members, set out to conduct an independent study thereby capturing the most recent information of the cargo carrying capacity of each ship type within a representative portion of the international tanker fleet currently carrying MARPOL Annex II cargoes. INTERTANKO is endeavouring on behalf of all of its membership to have a better understanding of the overall impacts.

INTERTANKO would like to take the opportunity to remind members that the proposed changes to include vegoils as a regulated cargo were driven by certain flag states within IMO and that the process has been ongoing for 10 years with the support of the IMO.

INTERTANKO has worked consistently during this period to obtain clarity regarding the definitions and to ensure that;

  1. the regulations are workable and environmentally efficient in the sense of pre-washing, slop disposal etc.
  2. the regulations are practical in the sense that there would still be sufficient tonnage of the type required/determined by the IMO.

The survey therefore uses similar parameters to the survey conducted for BLG 8 and in no way contradicts that information. INTERTANKO believes the information collected for that study to be accurate. However, once complete the INTERTANKO Tonnage Impact Survey will be made available to all participants.

However, the study is becoming much more involved than was initially envisaged and consequently is taking much longer to complete, due largely to the fact there is no definitive single source for this information.

Accordingly, INTERTANKO is having to expand this study and undertake a survey of its members to ascertain that the information utilised is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. This survey has already been forwarded to each "chemical contact" within the membership requesting data relating to the IMO ship type, tank size, age of vessels and appropriate newbuilding information, in order that adequate projections can be made for the 2007 implementation date of the new MARPOL Annex II proposals.

INTERTANKO appreciates that several of our members and outside sources are keen to obtain this study as soon as possible but we hope members will understand that accuracy is paramount.

We are currently working on a strict time line for production and final completion of this impact study by 19 January 2004. We hope that the companies contacted regarding the survey can assist us by responding as soon as possible.

Contact: Howard Snaith : Margaret Doyle: Erik Ranheim