INTERTANKO Chemical Tanker Subcommittee of the Americas (CTSCA) meets in Texas

The autumn meeting of the INTERTANKO Chemical Tanker Subcommittee of the Americas (CTSCA) was held on 9 October 2003 in Houston, Texas.This Sub-committee of the INTERTANKO Chemical Tanker Committee (CTC), inaugurated in April 2003 to ensure full US representation, aims to support the work of the CTC while handling specific regional issues that arise from the Americas. Through the CTC, INTERTANKO monitors the regulatory issues affecting the chemical sector. CTSCA participation is open to both full and associate members.

Members participating in the subcommittee meeting (chaired by Knut Dybvik of Odfjell USA) included shipowner and charterer representatives. Its purpose was to develop a work programme for 2004 and review any issues outstanding for 2003. Agenda items discussed included:

  • Maritime security and the chemical tanker owner calling in the US
  • MARPOL Annex II update and a report from the ESPH meeting held 1-5 September 2003 in London
  • CDI/Vetting update
  • USCG’s Average Most Probable Discharge (AMPD) changes
  • INTERTANKO’s resolution of the Indian Age Ban
  • The implications of the Panama Canal SOPEP
  • Insurance and shipowner’s liability in case of a terrorist attack
  • USCG/CTAC Update
  • Permanent Means of Access - particular Issues for chemical ships (Customs, INS)
  • Ballast Water Management

The Subcommittee also met with Commander MSO Houston Captain Richard Kaser. The purpose of this portion of the meeting was to discuss the issues facing the shipowner coming into the Houston Galveston Captain of The Port (COTP) Zone. Many of the issues listed above were discussed in detail with Captain Kaser and his staff. The next meeting of the CTSCA is planned for March 2004. A full report of the meeting will be sent to the CTC and will be available on the website once approved by the CTSCA.

Contact: Margaret Doyle