INTERTANKO’s Council this week gave approval for its Environmental Committee to proceed with the development of an INTERTANKO Environmental Challenge. The Environmental Challenge aims to highlight INTERTANKO’s commitment to finding effective solutions to a number of marine environmental concerns and issues related to the maritime transport of oil.

The scheme is designed to encourage the further development of solutions to environmental issues which are at the top of INTERTANKO’s Environmental Agenda. A number of major concerns and issues confronting the tanker industry, which are high on the agenda of the IMO, national governments, environmental NGOs and the public at large, will be identified by the INTERTANKO Environmental Committee at the start of the Challenge. The goal is to promote the solutions that represent significant breakthroughs. These solutions may include technological developments, improved procedures, new facilities or any other developments that ultimately benefit both the marine environment and the tanker industry.

A short list of priority concerns and issues will be announced on the INTERTANKO website, between now and the launching of the Challenge at the Hong Kong Council meeting in the autumn. Individuals as well as public and private entities will be invited to submit their entries for consideration.

In developing the website and the Challenge, INTERTANKO is seeking a suitable logo to use for the promotional aspects of the Challenge and invites members to send suggestions and designs to Tim Wilkins (

Contact Tim Wilkins, e-mail: