INTERTANKO Terminal Vetting Database - Online Service

Further to our article in Weekly NEWS No. 18 of 30 April 2004, on terminal vetting upgrades, we would like to remind members that the main method of entering reports is via the online service within the database. We continue to receive contributions from members, but the online functionality is not being utilised to its full potential.

The Terminal Vetting Database (TVD) provides first-class information on different berths and terminals around the world, pinpointing problems and potential problems so that others can learn from them. Its primary function is to achieve safer ship operation, by enhancing safety for those ashore as well as those afloat at a critical moment in the ship/shore interface when the tanker is at its most vulnerable.

The best maintained, managed and operated tanker can be ordered to a terminal unfamiliar to the Master and crew. By using information from those who have been there before, some of the uncertainties of a first-time call can be reduced.

The utility of INTERTANKO’s TVD system is further enhanced by its ability to be used to bring about cooperation between owner and terminal in those instances where unsatisfactory conditions and/or procedures are observed at any terminal. Experience has already shown instances where individual owners have seen unsatisfactory conditions rectified through open and constructive dialogue with terminals.

In the event owners’ efforts to discuss and rectify problems directly with the terminal are unsuccessful, the TVD system provides for further contact with any terminal by INTERTANKO itself, through its Vetting Committee. Progress, or the lack thereof, can be reported to the membership using INTERTANKO’s Weekly NEWS.

Response from terminals, owners, and harbour safety groups remains strongly in favour of the TVD initiative.

Contact: Adele Garnett