INTERTANKO Terminal Vetting Database (TVD)

INTERTANKO has received over 3000 reports to the TVD by fax and strongly encourages its members to utilise the online access to the TVD both to review reports submitted and also to submit new reports. There can be many benefits from using the information contained in the various terminal reports prior to the ships arrival.

The primary function of the database is to enhance safety for both those ashore and at sea during the critical time of the ship/shore interface.

The TVD includes a search function that enables easy access to terminal reports previously submitted. Information used is contained in a simple easy-to-use 1-page questionnaire that can be completed on line. Reports are submitted in confidence. Prior to accessing the TVD is the user is now required to register. This enables us to closely monitor access rates.

The typical output from the TVD is in the form of a collective account of the Master/ship officers’ experience at each individual berth they visited based on a simple rating system, with comments where appropriate.

The database enables members to share their experiences of different terminals and berths and to use the information in their dialogue with the terminals as users. Should repeated problems be recorded for specific terminals, INTERTANKO may bring this to the attention of the terminal operator in a non-adversarial manner to see whether any improvements can be made.

INTERTANKO would appreciate each owner encouraging its sea staff and shore staff to use this form so that we can collectively achieve the objectives of the programme - safer ship operations.

The sources of information will be kept confidential. Although the vessel name and voyage number are included as information categories in the report form, this information is for the individual company’s and INTERTANKO’s use only and will not be entered into the database.

The following are step-by-step guidelines for accessing the TVD


Go to the INTERTANKO web site at


Click on “Terminal Vetting Database” on the left-hand menu.

Enter your e-mail address and your password and click “Log on”.


An application form for access to the TVD will appear with your name, company and e-mail address automatically entered in the required fields.


Click "Send request"


The following text will appear:

"You have requested access to a restricted service on the Intertanko web site.
This is a subscription service and your request has been forwarded to INTERTANKO who will contact you with further information shortly."


Your application will be manually processed by the INTERTANKO Secretariat and you will shortly be sent an e-mail from the INTERTANKO webmaster advising you that access has been granted.

If you experience any difficulties in accessing please contact  

Contact: Howard Snaith