INTERTANKO comments on amendments to UK Pilotage Act 1987

INTERTANKO has submitted comments to the UK Department of Transport regarding revisions to the UK Pilotage Act. This includes a suggestion that a requirement be included for the use of, and competence in, English.

On 4 February INTERTANKO sent a letter to the UK Department of Transport commenting on the proposed amendments to the Pilotage Act 1987 to take account of Directive 1999/42/EC establishing a mechanism for the recognition of qualifications in respect of professional activities.

INTERTANKO supports the proposal to make it acceptable for a person with, say, a Master Mariners licence issued by another EU country to be considered equal to holders of a British Masters licence – all other matters being equal, and does not see any conflict in this regard, which, essentially, concerns the quality and competence of pilots.

This will inevitably increase competition and permit a greater pool of persons to be considered for pilotage jobs.

However, it points out that there is no reference to the use of, and competence in, English and suggests that this be included in the proposals.

The letter can be viewed here. 

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