INTERTANKO covers environmental issues at Monaco Propeller Club

INTERTANKO gave a presentation this week to the Monaco Propeller Club about some of the key environmental issues affecting the shipping industry now and in the future.  

Regional Manager for Monaco, Tim Wilkins, also manages INTERTANKO’s environmental issues, and was therefore well-placed to provide the Propeller Club with an update on the pending international (MARPOL Annex VI) and European air emission requirements, highlighting some of the areas where operators should now be focusing their attention – not least on the fuel quality side.  

He covered the important issue of invasive species in ballast water, an issue growing in relevance as the 2009 entry-into-force date of the International Ballast Water Convention draws closer. An explanation was provided for the varying dates and requirements given in the Convention and to the host of Guidelines now being developed to assist in implementation.  

Looking to the future ship recycling is the main issue on the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) environmental agenda. As with many key issues involving the environment, there are a number of political and diplomatic facets to this matter, but on the practical side Wilkins outlined the positive steps being taken by the shipping industry to minimise the problems currently being encountered in many of the traditional ship recycling states. 

INTERTANKO takes this opportunity of thanking its Monaco-based members, not least Capt. Ashley Cooper of Scorpio Ship Management, for inviting INTERTANKO to speak at the Propeller Club and of course the Propeller Club Chairman, secretary and members who attended and participated in a broad and interesting discussion on tanker-related issues.  

Contact: Tim Wilkins