INTERTANKO establishes TMSA Working Group

As a positive step forward regarding future work items relating to Tanker Management & Self Assessment (TMSA), and being mindful of the vetting, technical and environmental elements in TMSA, we are pleased to advise that we have established a small TMSA Working Group from members of the Vetting Committee, Environmental Committee and INTERTANKO's Safety & Technical Committee (ISTEC). 

While the TMSA Working Group will report to the Vetting Committee, it will coordinate its work with ISTEC and the Environmental Committee. 

The intended purpose of the TMSA Working Group is to undertake tasks such as, but not limited to: 

·         reviewing and giving comments/approval to future TMSA-related correspondence;

·         reviewing, commenting on and advising on related benchmarking systems being developed by INTERTANKO;

·         acting as a reference group to field responses regarding future INTERTANKO work items pertaining to TMSA as may arise.

Contact: Howard Snaith