INTERTANKO holds Marine Environment Course

In conjunction with the Environmental Committee meeting in Edinburgh this week, a two day course on the Marine Environment was organised by Heriot-Watt University for the members of the Committee. The extensive course covered all aspects of the marine environment from basic principles of marine life to the more applied nature of pollution impacts and effects.

Taking place over   two days,  the course covered the basic components of marine biology with an introduction to evolutionary biology given by Environmental Committee member, Dr Paul Kingston.   An explanation of the biology of marine fish by Dr Alistair Lyndon was then followed  by  summary on the diversity of marine algae by Dr Martin Wilkinson.  Dr Steve Grigson rounded up the first day’s lectures with an introduction on the identification of oil with the use of oil fingerprinting.

With eight lectures on the first day, the second day saw the theory put into practice with an excursion to the Firth of Forth estuary near Houndspoint. Sample species were collected for identification in the laboratory which included an introduction on the use of both binocular and light microscopy. Having gathered the basic information and explained the rudimentary aspects of marine science the final afternoon covered  a more applied aspect, in which  Dr Kingston explained how the shipping industry impacted the environment  with particular emphasis on oil spills.

The Environmental Committee evaluated the  course at their meeting the next day  and concluded that it was worthwhile extending the opportunity to other members of INTERTANKO. An assessment based on the interest received will determine whether to hold a similar  course in the autumn of 2003.

Photographs  taken during the two day course can be viewed here.

Contact:  If you are  interested in attending such a course, please contact Tim Wilkins