INTERTANKO looks at vetting inspection feedback at SIRE Inspector Training Course

INTERTANKO is grateful to the Oil Companies’ International Marine Forum (OCIMF) for its invitation to attend the recent SIRE Inspector Training course held this week in London. Our presentation focused on the recent comparisons of the INTERTANKO vetting inspection feedback forms updated from those received during 2006 compared with previous years from 2003, 2004 and 2005. In addition, some general comments were presented after soliciting views from the INTERTANKO Vetting Committee. The presentation may be accessed here.

Background Information:

The purpose of the vetting inspection feedback forms is to supply confidential information to INTERTANKO that can be used in a statistical format to assist in our ongoing discussions with Port State Control, oil majors and vetting establishments such as the Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) and SIRE.

Part 1 of the questionnaire relates to Commercial Vetting Inspections and Part 2 relates to Port State Control inspections.

We encourage members to supply their vessels with a copy of this form with the request that the forms be completed for each inspection as appropriate. We also request that these forms be completed on each occasion that a commercial or PSC inspection takes place whether the results are positive or negative.

The forms are available here in pdf or electronic format.



: Howard Snaith