INTERTANKO participates in TTEG meeting on safety of navigation in the Straits of Malacca

INTERTANKO participated in the Tripartite Technical Experts Group (TTEG) meeting held in Singapore on 31 March. The TTEG comprises the three littoral states, user states and representatives from non-governmental organisations including INTERTANKO and ICS.

The mission of the TTEG is to enhance the maintenance of navigational safety and prevention of pollution from ships in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore. Previous accomplishments include the IMO-adopted routing system and an IMO-adopted mandatory ship reporting system, STRAITREP. The TTEG focussed on how to enable and maintain a high level of safety of navigation in the Straits. The Malacca Straits Council, which was established in 1969 for the purpose of the routine maintenance of navigational aids in the Straits, reported that a number of beacons had been damaged and urgently needed replacement, the cost of which was discussed. These busy shipping lanes have seen a marked increase in traffic in recent years.

Contact: John Fawcett-Ellis / Fredrik Larsson