INTERTANKO request for assistance - Safety Questionnaires

As part of its ongoing work within the Inter-Industry Working Group that is addressing the recent accidents onboard chemical tankers and small product tankers, INTERTANKO needs to undertake two short surveys of its members covering two aspects of tanker operations. 

1/ Existing Inert Gas questionnaire - outfitting onboard ships today

Not only do we need to know how many ships are fitted with inert gas generation systems but also what types of system are fitted. The reason for this is to ensure that we are in a position to assess what the impact would be if a proposal to retro-fit inert gas systems to existing vessels were forthcoming. We stress that at this time no such proposal has been made. However, we wish to be well prepared and hence our request for the Inert Gas Questionnaire to be completed. Submission of this information will be of great assistance. Click here to download this questionnaire. 

2/ Tank Entry Questionnaire

As another part of our involvement within the Inter-Industry Working Group, we have been asked to evaluate the number of cargo tank entries that are undertaken onboard tankers today, and to try and assess whether all these tank entries are necessary and whether alternative methods could be employed to achieve the same end results. It is for this reason that, in addition to the total number of tank entries undertaken per month, we are also asking for the reasons for tank entry - for example for wall wash test, repairs, visual inspection, etc. We have therefore included a questionnaire on this subject, which covers a crucial part of the total work been undertaken within the Working Group. This section is included within part 2 of the questionnaire. Click here to download this questionnaire.  

We very much hope that you will be able to assist us. The more information we receive from members the better we will be able to help our members. We would be grateful, therefore, if you could complete both of the attached questionnaires and return them to Adele Garnett  in our London office at as soon as possible but no later than the end of June 2005. 

Contact: Howard Snaith