INTERTANKO secures permission for lifeboat survey

A direct approach by INTERTANKO to the top management of the Port of Houston Authority paved the way for permission to be granted for a member to carry out an annual survey for lifeboat on-load release gear. The vessel had been refused permission to lower the lifeboat to the water, which is one of the requirements for testing this equipment.


The vessel had earlier been refused permission to carry out this work in another U.S. Gulf port where no surveyors, inspectors or repairs were allowed.


INTERTANKO has in the past, through direct lobbying efforts, been able to help members when similar restrictions have threatened to block vital inspections, vettings, repairs or crew-related matters. Lack of access to ships for legitimate purposes and prevention of shore leave or exchange for crew members continue to complicate the daily running of ships in certain ports and terminals. INTERTANKO remains at members’ disposal and will do its best to assist when called upon.


INTERTANKO would like to thank the Port of Houston Authority for its swift and professional action in the referenced matter.


Contact: Gunnar A. Knudsen