Although there were a number of issues on which opinions differed there was an open discussion on those aspects which both parties felt could be constructively and effectively worked upon together.

One key aspect was Greenpeace’s willingness to discuss the Committee’s views with regard to owner’s responsibility. INTERTANKO will now prepare a Chain of Responsibility for the recycling industry. The chain would highlight what responsibilities each party had in the life of a vessel from builder to owner and breaker. Greenpeace welcomed this initiative and will include their own thoughts on the responsibility aspects once the work had been drafted.


The Environmental Committee agreed that the meeting had been instrumental in building relations with Greenpeace and in sharing views on a number of issues. It is hoped that the good cooperation will be built upon in the future and that a coordinated effort at the forthcoming IMO meeting will be made to develop effective and practical Guidelines for the Ship Recycling Industry.


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