INTERTANKO’s Hellenic Forum invites nominations for the Captain Erric Kertsikoff INTERTANKO Award

INTERTANKO’s Hellenic Forum met this week in Athens for the first of its biannual meetings for 2005. 

Transits through the Bosporus continue to be an important issue for the Forum. To this end, the Forum received an open and transparent presentation from Captain Cehreli of the Turkish Straits Vessel Traffic Service. While some members of the Forum felt that there were still some outstanding issues regarding the management of the Straits, not least the effectiveness of the escort tugs, there was a strong will among the members for further cooperation and communication on the matter with the administrations in Turkey. 

The Forum considered its views on a number of other important policy issues, including criminal sanctions against seafarers and the Joint Tanker Project.  

It also discussed the Captain Erric Kertsikoff INTERTANKO Award. This Award was instigated through, and has been supported by, the Forum, and it is now time to receive the nominations for candidates for the Award. Nicholas G. Fistes, Chairman of the Forum, stressed the importance of receiving nominations for the Award from members of the Hellenic Forum and from the Greek tanker community. The Award is in recognition of the late Captain Erric Kertsikoff’s exceptional leadership and his long and dynamic presence at the helm of the INTERTANKO Hellenic Forum.  

The Captain Erric Kertsikoff INTERTANKO Award is to be given as a contribution towards one year’s further study by a Master Mariner (Class 1) and/or Chief Engineer (Class 2). Candidates should generally meet the following criteria: 

  1. Hold the appropriate license/diploma
  2. Be of Greek citizenship
  3. Be fluent in English
  4. Have fulfilled their military obligations
  5. Have 5 or more years’ service on oil, chemical or gas tankers
  6. Be employed in a company which is a member of INTERTANKO
  7. Be under 35 years of age.

Further information will be sent to members of the Forum on the nomination process and on the selection of suitable candidates to receive the Award.  

Contact: Tim Wilkins