ISGOTT guidance issued to SIRE inspectors regarding the Interim SIRE Vessel Inspection Questionnaire (VIQ)

Further to our article in Weekly NEWS No. 31 of 5 August 2005 stressing the importance of continued compliance with the 4th Edition of the International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals (ISGOTT), SIRE is issuing the following revised guidelines to all SIRE Inspectors: 

"The new SIRE Vessel Inspection Questionnaire has been under development since 2002. It should be noted that this is an interim publication and, except in specific instances, does not contain specific references to the International Safety Guide for Tankers and Terminals (5th Edition) (ISGOTT) that is also currently under development. Nevertheless, much of the Inspector guidance contained herein is based upon the text in the 5th Edition.  

In view of the significant legislation that has been either revised or introduced since publication of the 2nd Edition of the VIQ in 2000, OCIMF have released this Interim VIQ to provide up-to-date questions and guidance to assist SIRE accredited ship inspectors in the conduct of their inspections.  

Inspectors using this document must take into account the fact that most vessels to which ISGOTT applies will be operating in accordance with the guidance contained in the 4th Edition of ISGOTT, which may be at variance with the guidance contained herein. Negative observations must not be made if a vessel is being safely operated in accordance with practices recommended in the ISGOTT 4th Edition.  

Inspectors and other SIRE programme participants will be informed when the final version of this 3rd Edition of the Vessel Inspection Questionnaire is published. Use of the Interim VIQ will be discontinued thereafter." 

Contact: Howard Snaith