ITOPF gives HNS-OPRC Protocol presentation to the Chemical Tanker Committee in Singapore

A well-attended meeting of INTERTANKO’s Chemical Tanker Committee took place this week on the 11 November 2004 in Singapore.

Topics discussed on the agenda were the revisions to MARPOL Annex II (Regulations for the control of pollution by noxious liquid substances in bulk)and the ongoing proactive work by the Association and the Committee regarding chemical incidents. Other items discussed included Chemical vetting clauses.

We are also very grateful to the International Tanker Operators Pollution Federation Ltd. (ITOPF) whose Technical Advisor, Stephane Grenon, travelled to Singapore specifically to give a presentation to the CTC regarding the HNS-OPRC Protocol (Protocol on Preparedness, Response and Co-operation to Pollution Incidents by Hazardous and Noxious Substances, 2000), highlighting areas of mutual cooperation between ITOPF and INTERTANKO, (more will be given on this in next week’s Weekly NEWS). In the meantime the full presentation can be viewed here.

We are also pleased to advise that the CTC elected Svend Foyn-Bruun as the New Vice Chairman to the Committee, which decision will be put to Council for endorsement in April next year.

Contact:Howard Snaith