Industry concern at accidents to chemical carriers

In a letter sent this week to Koji Sekimizu, Director of the Maritime Safety Division of the International Maritime Organization (click here to download) INTERTANKO drew attention to the industry’s concern at the series of accidents concerning chemical carriers. The INTERTANKO Chemical Tanker Committee has discussed these incidents in detail at its recent meetings and raised several concerns, particularly that the conclusions and recommendations of investigations into the majority of these incidents over the last few years are not yet widely available.

In a letter to D.J. Lloyd Watkins of the  International Group (IG) of P&I Clubs (click here to download) INTERTANKO sought the assistance of the IG  regarding the possible causes of these incidents.

INTERTANKO is also examining the establishment of a database of incident information so that analysis of data on behalf of the industry can be carried out. The Chemical Committee remains very active on this issue and is cooperating fully with its industry partners.

Contact: Howard Snaith