Joint submission to IMO for COMSAR 10

INTERTANKO, together with the other Round Table associations INTERCARGO, ICS and BIMCO, has submitted a proposal to COMSAR 10 which recommends that the standardisation of ship reporting requirements be addressed as part of the LRIT (long range identification and tracking) discussion. 

On 1 July 2006, a further requirement will become effective through the entry into force of the amended SOLAS Chapter V Regulation 28, which requires all ships of 500 gross tonnage and above, engaged on international voyages exceeding 48 hours, to report to their company. The report is to include position, course and speed. 

The sponsors of this submission believe that discussion on the adoption of an LRIT system offers the opportunity to simplify and standardise ship reporting procedures and to adopt a standard format to suit all purposes. Furthermore, the burden of ship reporting on a ship’s crew can be reduced through applying the concepts embraced by the LRIT system. 

Contact: Fredrik Larsson