Geoff Snow, SIRE Manager, gave a presentation regarding the latest SIRE updates at the INTERTANKO Vetting Committee meeting on 15 October. OCIMF has kindly agreed to let us circulate this to our members.

The SIRE data base was launched in 1993 to address charterers’ concerns regarding sub-standard shipping. In 1997 the system was revised to provide: a uniform Inspection Procedure, uniform Inspection Report, uniform Vessel Particulars Report and electronic round the clock access


SIRE at present has 113 report Recipient Companies, 26 report Submitting Companies, 400 regular VPQ submitting Companies and over 6600 ships in the current database. To maintain accreditation its 327 fully accredited inspectors must be audited, attend a refresher-training course every 3 years and have a minimum of 12 inspections per year (shore based 6). They are all governed by the VIQ token system


Recent Developments include:

  • Training for all inspectors in SIRE methodology
  • Re-accreditation Courses
  • Harmonized VPQ with CDI
  • WebSERM
  • SIRE office ISO 9002 Accreditation
  • SIRE Software Enhancements
  • Cooperation with Equasis

Mr Snow’s presentation also shows graphs giving the total number of reports accessed per year, the number of SIRE reports requested and received per month and examples of the new HVPQ.

Click here to download a copy of Mr. Snow's presentation (Power Point - 150 KB)

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