Initiated by Fender Care Marine, the World Lightering Organisation is a dedicated 24-hour service providing a single source of up-to-date information which will enable all parties involved in a casualty situation to make an immediate risk assessment and where appropriate, carry out prompt lightering of the vessel's full cargo or its bunkers.

Lightering is recognised by the marine industry as a specialised skill, and, where prompt lightering is required to prevent or minimise any risk to the environment, it is essential that industry has immediate access to the highest standards of both expertise and equipment.


One phone call gives access to Level 1, currently 17 (seventeen) operational ship-to-ship transfer bases covering the world’s major oil transportation routes.


Should any of these bases be remote from the casualty then that same phone call will automatically access Level 2, information from a series of databases showing available lightering equipment and expertise across the globe.


Numerous agreements are in place with regional companies offering deployment and local support facilities


Since 1988, lightering carried out by organisation participants as part of an emergency response has prevented over 3.5 million tons of petroleum products from polluting the environment.


Four of those operations, a total of 574,612 tons of cargo saved, have been carried out to date in 2002.


This initiative has resulted in co-operation between a number of contributors providing specific services to ensure that a response of the highest calibre is available. As the service develops and more contributors become involved we are advised that the website: Click here, will be updated accordingly.


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