Lifeboat User Group requests feedback in order to improve manufacturers' equipment

As reported in previous Weekly NEWS issues, INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO have established a "Lifeboat User Group" together with the International Life-saving Appliance Manufacturers' Association (ILAMA).


The main aim of the "Lifeboat User Group" is to provide a forum where the end users of lifeboats and associated equipment can give feedback to manufacturers so that they can improve their equipment.


Therefore, constructive feedback covering all aspects of the lifeboat concept, design, handling, maintenance or location would be most welcome.


INTERTANKO guarantees that the sender’s personal details will under no circumstances be revealed.


Feedback for the Lifeboat User Group should be sent to:


INTERTANKO urges all members to inform their Crews, Officers, Safety Managers and relevant personnel, of the possibility to air their concerns about lifeboats and to share their experiences in order to provide the forum with the feedback necessary for manufacturers to improve their equipment.


Contact: Fredrik Larsson