Lloyd's Register uses port state data to help improve ship safety

Lloyd's Register  has announced that from 4 June it will publish information on the port state detention performance of its classed fleet on its web sites, and ClassDirect Live

This move will assist the industry in recognising recurring risks and improving safety by highlighting those items that are hazardous to operations, yet continually produce detentions.

The detention performance information will be updated on a continual basis. It will not only detail specific deficiencies and data on the number of detentions per ship (by month, quarter, year), but importantly, will include statistical analysis on the entire Lloyd's Register fleet. This will help to identify trends across the fleet, highlighting specific aspects which can be measured against prior performance, including:

  • detentions against ship types (oil tankers, bulk carriers, container, passenger, LNG, general cargo, etc)
  • detentions related to ship flag state
  • detentions by age and by country
  • league tables of most prominent and recurring detention items.

Lloyd's Register will be further analysing the port state detention data for combinations of deficiencies that together present a far greater hazard than the individual deficiencies themselves.

Owners of Lloyd's Register classed ships will also be able to benchmark the performance of their fleet against the overall performance of the entire classed fleet. This will allow both their staff and Lloyd's Register's surveyors to concentrate on improving individual ship and overall fleet quality - helping to reduce downtime and overall fleet costs.

The performance of flag states will also be continuously reviewed and results made available to them. Over the next three months, Lloyd's Register will investigate flag performance and present the results at the 'Mare Forum' September 2002 meeting in Athens in the session entitled 'Rewards of Operating a Good Quality Flag'.

Contact: Howard Snaith on e-mail howard.snaith@intertanko.com