MARPOL Annex II Revisions - P&A Manual applications: start the process now

As members will be aware we advised in Weekly NEWS in March 2006 and further in our Weekly NEWS in April 2006 about the forthcoming application of the revised MARPOL Annex II and associated revisions to the IBC and BCH Codes that will become effective on 1st January 2007.


Every chemical tanker is required to have a Certificate of Fitness (CoF) indicating that it is certified to carry certain products. The issuance of a CoF will also require a revised Procedures and Arrangements (P&A) Manual. The new P&A Manuals and the new Certificates need to be onboard each ship as of the 1 January 2007 deadline. These documents must be approved/issued and forwarded to the ships before this date.


We advised that we had contacted the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) requesting to be advised of any common procedures for the application for the revised P&A manuals. We circulated the guidance we received from IACS - that whilst there will not be a common procedure for the application of the P&A Manual (as the individual Classification Societies will advise their own arrangements), nevertheless the process for the application of the revised P&A manuals would commence from the 1st August 2006.


However, INTERTANKO understands that the response by owners to apply for the revised Certificates of Fitness and the new P&A Manuals has been very slow and there is some considerable concern expressed in the industry that owners may leave this application process too late in 2006 to allow sufficient time for the revised P&A Manual and CoF to be revised and placed onboard the vessel by 1/1/2007.


Members must also be aware that we understand from some European Governments that if chemical tankers do not have onboard a revised CoF and P&A Manual by 1/1/2007 then the vessel could well be detained.


Members are advised accordingly and urged to commence the process of application to their respective Classification Societies without further delay.


INTERTANKO has various information on this issue on our web site. In particular we are grateful for the advice given by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and the template it has allowed us to circulate which will assist in applying for the new P&A Manual - details of this are also available on our web site.


DNV have advised that the template it supplies is in PDF format for guidance. However, users are requested to contact DNV through the DNV Section mailbox to obtain the template in Word format for direct use.


The reason for issuing this in PDF format at the current time is due to some minor adjustments that are expected shortly.  DNV will also have a small spreadsheet for calculating the minimum water quantities / duration of a mandatory pre-wash.   


DNV has advised that the forwarding of these files to their users will be done free of charge but when owners submit the P&A Manual for approval for a DNV classed chemical tanker, DNV will charge a fee.


We understand that Class NK has also produced a template to assist owners in applying for a revised P&A Manual, but to date we have being unable to secure permission from Class NK to circulate this to our members. Owners with vessels registered with Class NK should contact Class NK directly in this regard.


Contact: Howard Snaith