INTERTANKO held its Hellenic Vetting Forum this week in Athens on the 24 April, which was well attended by about 48 members.

It was a lively session with a large amount of active participation by all the members present. The main purpose of the forum was to inform members of the current work programme of the INTERTANKO Ship Vetting Inspection Committee and update them on topical issues and the achievements of the last year.

Topics presented and discussed included an informal detention review process instigated by the Paris MoU for ship owners who felt their vessel had been unjustly detained. INTERTANKO had raised this with the Paris MoU in May last year and was very pleased to see this come to fruition. Other topics included the latest statistics from SIRE, structural vetting, multiple inspections, what factors were assessed during the vessel screening  process,  commercial vetting and PSC feedback forms, INTERTANKO’s vetting statement and charter party clauses, independent vetting inspections and new build vetting requirements. INTERTANKO extends its thanks to all those who attended for their very active participation in the forum.

Contact: Howard Snaith, on e-mail