MEPC - Recycling.

The target of completing the industry guidelines for ship recycling has been achieved, and it is likely that they will now be sent to the Assembly for adoption in November 2003. The Green Passport was accepted as part of these guidelines and will require the owner to maintain a hazardous materials inventory which has been delivered with the new building. Crucially, attempts to have the guidelines made mandatory were put aside at this meeting.

Together with the adoption of the guidelines a work programme covering technical guidelines; communications between ship owner, port and recycling yard, and the establishment of a recycling plan between yard and owner will be approved for further work by the Committee.

Industry concerns focused particularly on wording which gives recycling yards the option to refuse a ship that does not follow the (voluntary) guidelines. The commercial implications of such wording are considerable, especially in a sector where it is already sometimes difficult to finalise a ship’s delivery when ship prices are falling. This wording may be deleted at the last minute by the Committee.

Contact: Tim Wilkins