MSC 81 - INTERTANKO submission - Access to ships' certificates on line

Further to our submission to the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) on access to ships' certificates on line, INTERTANKO also made a similar submission MSC81-24-9 to the 81st session of the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 81). 

The submission summarises our support for the MSC to consider whether access by port state control officers to the information on certificates of ships engaged in international voyages would be facilitated and simplified through the use of modern technology.  

The FAL (Facilitation) Sub-committee also recognised that there may be various options in developing such a system and that a more detailed analysis should be carried out to identify those certificates and documents which could be accessed electronically. 

INTERTANKO recognises the importance of improving the access to onboard documentation and vessel information by both port state authorities and other interested parties and supports the further deliberation by the IMO of the use of modern technology to facilitate this process.  

An explanation of a system used, and the experience gained, by INTERTANKO was provided to MSC to assist further in its deliberations and illustrate the positive and swift improvements that can be made by using the internet. We highlighted what is currently available via regarding access online to ships' certificates as an example of what can be achieved.  

The Maritime Safety Committee took note. 

Contact: Howard Snaith