MSC 81 - Proposed amendments to regulations for maritime safety

Several amendments to various IMO Instruments/Codes are expected to be adopted by the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) at the end of this week. However, by the time this article goes to print the final report of MSC 81 will not have been approved. Therefore, a full report will be included in next week's Weekly NEWS. Meanwhile, we can inform you of some of the issues which have been discussed, and are expected to be amended by the Committee. 

MSC are expected to adopt amendments in the following regulations, relating to safety: 


-          Life-Saving Appliances and Arrangements, changes to the design and performance standards of lifejackets.

-          Safety of Navigation, Guidelines for ballast exchange, with emphasis on bridge visibility. 


-          Standards regarding emergency, occupational safety, security, medical care and survival functions. 

A final report of the outcome of MSC 81, with the amendments, will be published in next week's Weekly NEWS. 

Contact: Fredrik Larsson