MSC 83 - Damage Stability Verification of Oil, Chemical and Gas Tankers

INTERTANKO submitted its document MSC 82/18/4 to the 82nd session of the Maritime Safety Committee, which was held in December 2006, as advised in Weekly NEWS No. 50/2006 of 15 December 2006. However, as we reported then, this item was not discussed due to time constraints and was thus deferred to this week's 83rd session of the MSC.


In the interim period however, as advised in Weekly NEWS No. 40/2007 of 5 October 2007, INTERTANKO, in conjunction with Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, made a further submission MSC 83/25/14 to MSC 83 proposing a new work programme item for the verification of statutory damage stability requirements contained in existing instruments for tank vessels, and for consideration of their application to new and existing vessels, to ensure the consistent verification of damage stability on such vessels.


We are pleased to advise members that, following an extensive debate in the plenary session on whether there is a compelling need to undertake this work, a clear majority decided to support our joint proposal that this should be included in the IMO work programme as a high priority item, with a view to completing work on it by 2009. 

Contact: Howard Snaith