MSC Circular - Guidance on Shipboard Towing and Mooring Equipment- Report from DE 48

Following a prolonged discussion over the last week in several working groups and plenary, the IMO Sub-committee on Design and Equipment (DE 48) has agreed upon a Marine Safety Committee (MSC) Circular which gives guidelines for "new" buildings regarding Shipboard Towing and Mooring equipment. The Circular and the Sub-committee’s report will now be sent to MSC 80 in May 2005.

The Circular outlines guidance for outfitting "new" displacement type vessels (except high speed craft and offshore units) with suitable arrangements for, and fittings of, sufficient Safe Working Load (SWL) to enable the safe conduct of all towing and mooring operations associated with normal operations of the ship, which includes the marking of the SWL on the bitts.

The Circular is "not" prescriptive with regard to the mooring ropes but is aimed at ensuring that the deck fittings and under deck strengthening are of adequate strength.

We will circulate the MSC Circular once approved by MSC 80 when this becomes available.

Contact: Howard Snaith