MSC adopts IBC Code and consolidates list of products

IBC Code Adoption

As has been previously advised following on from discussions at the IMO’s Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) meeting on this issue and the revisions to MARPOL Annex II, chapters 17 and 18 of the IBC Code contained technical inaccuracies that needed to be corrected. These technical inaccuracies, which particularly related to the fire protection references, have now being corrected. A group was established at the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) meeting to undertake the editorial work.

MEPC 52 had adopted by resolution the amendments to the IBC Code, including chapters 17, 18 and 19, subject to the changes brought to the attention of MSC 79. The IBC Code was finally adopted at this session and will become effective on the 1 January 2007. MSC also included a statement in the main body of the report as follows:

"It was agreed in particular on the editorial correction for the ship type for identified vegetable oils from "NA" to "2" in chapter 17 of the IBC Code. In this respect the group reiterated that the individually identified vegetable oils should in principle be carried in Ship Type 2, however that via regulation 4.1.3 of the revised MARPOL Annex II, an administration might allow the carriage of these substances in a ship type 3 ONLY if the ship complies with all requirements for a ship type 3 as identified in the IBC Code except for cargo tank location. The cargo tank location shall be in accordance with regulation of the revised MARPOL Annex II. The Certificate of Fitness shall indicate the exemption granted. The group was of the view that, although it concerns a requirement based on the pollution hazard of these vegetable oils, it was important to reiterate this in the report of the committee so as to avoid any misinterpretation on the exemption from ship Type 2 to ship Type 3."

The certificate of fitness should therefore indicate the exemption, as vegetable oils will have an entry under chapter 17 of the IBC Code with a pollution category Y, and consequently need to be transported on a tanker to which the IBC Code applies. We will circulate the editorially corrected chapters 17, 18, and 19 in next week’s Weekly NEWS.

MSC Circular lists products omitted from either chapter 17 or 18 of the IBC Code due to missing safety data, pollution data or both

MSC has also produced a MSC/MEPC circular that lists the current missing products from the IBC Code due to missing data as outlined above. MSC has consolidated the missing products into one list, contained in the circular, to assist the industry in supplying the missing data. In order to allow sufficient time for evaluation by the GESAMP/EHS working group the data should be sent to the IMO secretariat by 31 December 2004.

Contact: Howard Snaith