Mongstad oil terminal (Norway) introduces mandatory requirement for vapour return for vessels loading crude and condensate as from 1 January 2007

In order to achieve the standard for air pollution set by the Norwegian Government, Mongstad oil terminal has decided to introduce vapour return for all vessels loading crude and/or condensate as of 1 January 2007 

Vessels are required to meet the recommendations/standards set out in IMO MSC/Circ.585 and the recommendations regarding vapour manifolds in the Oil Companies' International Marine Forum's (OCIMF's) "Recommendations for Oil Tanker Manifolds and Associated Equipment". Mongstad oil terminal recommends that vessels meet the above recommendations/standard as soon as possible, and before the given date. 

Further enquiries should be addressed to the contact person at Mongstad oil terminal: Port Captain Jon Magne Jakobsen

Tel: +47 56344822. 

Contact: Howard Snaith