Mooring arrangements and requirements at the Trieste/SIOT terminal

INTERTANKO has been alerted to some requirements at the Trieste/SIOT terminal regarding mooring arrangements. We have been in contact with the terminal and received the following advice and details, which we are circulating to members for assistance and guidance. 

Previously SIOT had strictly applied the rule of "all steel wires" for tankers of above DWT 100,000.  However, in line with the " OCIMF (Oil Companies’ International Marine Forum) Guidelines On The Use Of High-Modulus Synthetic Fibre Ropes As Mooring Lines On Large Tankers", SIOT now accepts the use of  High Modulus Synthetic Fibre ropes, which have the same characteristic as wire for Load-Extension, although SIOT advises it is not their intention to force the use of Aramid or High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) instead of wires.

 The use of mooring pendants (tails) at the shore end is possible, in compliance with the OCIMF recommendation; however, mixed mooring should be avoided.  

Click here for a full overview of the SIOT Port Regulations regarding mooring arrangements  

Contact: Howard Snaith