As previously advised in our Weekly News no. 5 of 1 February 2002 , the IMO has issued a circular STCW.7/Circ.12, which states: ‘The Sub-Committee agreed that, in cases where a seafarer’s documentation complies with the requirements in force immediately before 1 February 2002, but is not in accordance with the requirements of STCW 95, port State control officers, until 31 July 2002, are recommended to issue only a warning to companies and to notify the seafarers and Administrations concerned accordingly.’ (Click here to download a copy of the IMO circular)

We draw members’ attention to the current information on the Paris MoU web site regarding this matter as follows:

"Paris MOU Inspection database | STCW95 non-comply. ships

In accordance with Annex 1, section 6.3 of the Paris MOU, ships are controlled under the provisions of STCW 78 as amended in 1995. Taking into account the results of the IMO Sub-Committee on STCW, the Paris MOU Advisory Board has decided to issue a Letter of Warning until 31 July 2002 if a seafarer's document is not in accordance with STCW95. Ships to which a Letter of Warning has been issued will be subject to priority inspections starting August 2002. After the 31 July 2002 the Paris MOU will strictly enforce the new STCW95 requirements and detain ships if necessary."

We are currently finding out from the Paris MOU what evidence of application for the necessary certificates may be accepted if the seafarers documents are not endorsed accordingly, and will keep members fully advised of developments.

Contact: Howard Snaith,