Near accident reports from DNV

The following near accident reports have been provided by DNV for members' attention: 

Hinged grating platform in tanks – near accident!

As they entered a cargo tank in connection with a survey of the hull structure, the survey team realised that there was no grating platform for them to step on, as the first grating platform below the deck had been left in open position so as to allow tools or equipment to be hoisted out of the tank.

No accident took place on this occasion, but it could have become a very serious casualty had it not been discovered in time. 

Loss of inflatable liferaft – failure of fastening! 

The master of a vessel reported that the lashings for one of the liferafts failed whilst the vessel was in port, allowing the liferaft to roll over the side of the ship. The liferaft container landed between the ship and the wharf causing the liferaft to inflate.

The inflatable liferaft was retrieved but the container was lost. Luckily nobody was hit by the raft. 

Contact: Fredrik Larsson