New INTERTANKO membership criteria

At its meeting in April 2003 ,the INTERTANKO Council approved the draft of new membership criteria for INTERTANKO members. These have now been produced in final form and can be downloaded from the INTERTANKO web site.

The new membership criteria are the result of 18 months’ work by a small group of INTERTANKO members called "QQUEST" - Quest for Quality, chaired by Lars Mossberg (Vetting Committee Chairman).

INTERTANKO believes that this is a positive step to ensure that our membership criteria reflect the association’s commitment to high quality management and operations, and also take account of the various regimes that are currently in place.

The INTERTANKO Council agreed that the new approved criteria would be a precondition for the next renewal of membership and they will thus apply from January 2004.

Click here to download a copy of the new membership criteria.

Contact: Howard Snaith