New Ukrainian pollution prevention rules

New pollution prevention rules have been introduced in Ukrainian ports. These require, among other things, the closure of all discharge valves prior to the vessel entering territorial waters. Consequently, no discharge of any type, with the exception of ballast water, is permitted inside the territorial water zone. Ballast water discharges are only permitted with the consent of the Sanitary Authorities.

INTERTANKO has now received several messages from members trading in the region relating to the new rules, called ‘Rules of preservation of the internal sea-waters and territorial seas against pollution’. Click here for a copy of the Rules. As a number of communication problems associated with the new legislation have been experienced, INTERTANKO recommends that all masters take note of these Rules. Any problems with their implementation or any further information relating to this issue should be forwarded to Tim Wilkins.

The closure of the valves must be carried out by a ‘prominent’ member of the crew before the vessel enters the territorial waters of the Ukraine, with the appropriate record made in the ship’s log. Sealing of the valves is then carried out by an inspector from the ‘Inspection of State Port Control’ (ISPC) while the vessel is at berth. Payment for the sealing of the valves is covered by the port dues, although there is some ambiguity in the fee system on which INTERTANKO has sought clarification from the authorities.

In addition to mandatory ballast water exchange, within the Black Sea, prior to discharge, the Rules also enforce several other discharge requirements relating to sewage, oil, chemicals and even air emissions.

INTERTANKO has contacted the State Inspection for the Protection of the Black Sea requesting further clarification on certain aspects of the Rules, not least the prohibition on the emission of smoke which pollutes the atmosphere.

Any information received from the local authorities following our contact will be reported to members.

Contact: Tim Wilkins