Officer Matrix - INTERTANKO requests your comments

INTERTANKO has contacted over 300 of its vetting contacts within INTERTANKO membership to solicit members’feedback regarding the various Officer Matrix Requirements that are currently in use by some of the Oil Majors.


This request is in order to assist the Vetting Committee in its work regarding the Officer Matrix requirements. In particular the Vetting Committee has requested that the Secretariat contacts members,to provide advice (in a confidential manner) and comments regarding any problems you may be faced with in complying with the various existing Officer Matrix requirements.


This is to assist the INTERTANKO secretariat in compiling a suitable reference paper regarding the current officer shortfall that we believe is being experienced,with the view that we may be able to address these concerns with our industry partners and the oil companies.


Your feedback will be much appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you


Contact: Howard Snaith