Officer Matrix update - Total Activités Maritimes (TAM)

INTERTANKO has been in contact with Total Activités Maritimes (TAM) and has verified a change regarding its Officer Matrix requirements. We are grateful for the following advice and clarification issued by TAM, which we bring to all our members' attention.


"The Officer Matrix within the VIQ continues to be an effective tool of Risk Management. Data relating to major casualties within the tanker industry confirm the exposure to risk when inappropriate levels of familiarity, expertise & experience are held within the ship-board management team. Total has effectively used the Matrix, on the understanding that the data related to calendar years, and has sought clarification through OCIMF that the years quoted were calendar years. Clarification was recently given within the VIQ, now available from the OCIMF website, for future completion.


        This clarification is summarised as follows:

Years with the company to be calendar years. However all other years to be time served on board.

Accordingly Total has revised the guidance for minimum levels of years aggregated by both pairs ( Master & C/O or C/E & Senior Watchkeeping Engineer ) from:


      Years With Company  2  Calendar


      Years in Rank             5 Calendar


      Years on Tankers       10 Calendar




      Years with Company    2 Calendar


      Years in Rank             3 Time Served on Board


      Years on Tankers        6 Time Served on Board


We strongly advise that years are stated with a decimal point in order that an overall assessment of risk management can be appreciated by the reader of the Matrix."


Members are advised accordingly of the change and also reminded that the revised 4th Edition of the SIRE VIQ is available for downloading from the Oil Companies' International Marine Forum (OCIMF) web site.


Contact: Howard Snaith