Official ENC Charts now available in Malacca and Singapore Strait

The Hydrographic Offices (HO) of the three littoral states of the Malacca and Singapore Straits (Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore), together with Japan Hydrographic Association (JHA), have jointly announced the commercial release of official Malacca and Singapore Straits Electronic Navigational Charts (MSS ENC) on 26 December 2005. 

The MSS ENC consists of six cells covering west of Port Kelang, Malaysia, Riau waters of Indonesia, and to the eastern entrance of the Singapore Strait. 

The official MSS ENC conforms to the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) specifications. The MSS ENC used together with ECDIS is recognised as a paper chart equivalent which meets the carriage requirements of the SOLAS Convention (Chapter V/19). 

The MSS ENC will be sold by the HOs of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and JHA through their respective appointed distributors and sales agents. 

Click here to view the Joint Press Release; click here to view a chart showing the area covered by the MSS ENC. 

For further information please contact Japan Hydrographic Association (JHA) or visit their website, 

Contact: Fredrik Larsson