Although the ACP is considering anearly implementation of AIS, a firm decision has not yet been made as they are awaiting the decisions at IMO regarding possible accelerated implementation dates before making their final decision.

The discussions and decisions regarding accelerated implementation will be made at the Diplomatic conference on maritime security in December this year at IMO. If the ACP decides to implement its policy, it is likely that there will not be a strickt requirement for vessels to have the equipment installed. However, in order to transit, vessels will have to have AIS onboard, either their own installation (preferably) or ACP rental units.


Proposed rental costs have not yet been determined but we are advised that this will not be outrageous, and that final costs for rental of AIS will be available in about one month.


INTERTANKO has proposed that if the ACP does decide to implement AIS in accordance with any advance requirement as yet to be determined by IMO on a Voluntary Basis then this should be on a voluntary basis by those ships already fitted with AIS. We have been advised that the ACP understand our position and will take it into consideration prior to deciding on any early implementation, and in any event they would give at least 6 months notice of their decision to implement. To re-iterate the point this decision will not be taken until after the diplomatic conference in December this year.


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