PCSOPEP to be submitted 96 hours in advance of Panama Canal transit

On 29 December 2004 the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) issued a new Advisory ADV60-2004 regarding the implementation of the PCSOPEP (Panama Canal Shipboard Oil Pollution Plan), which became effective on 1 January 2005.

The Advisory is to remind users that all vessels carrying 400 tonnes or more of hydrocarbons, either as fuel or cargo, are required to submit their PCSOPEP plan at least 96 hours in advance of transiting the Panama Canal. Non-compliance will be considered a violation of the ACP Maritime regulations and may result in fines or additional charges

Copies of all ACP's Directives, Advisories & Notices to Shipping are available in the Panama Canal web page at www.pancanal.com under Maritime Operations.

A recent article in Lloyds List provides a very useful overview of the PCSOPEP. Click here for an edited version with useful questions and answers.

Contact: Howard Snaith