PIRACY WARNING: Serious attacks in Somalian waters

The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) has issued a warning to ships following three incidents in Somalian waters from 31 March 2005, in which pirates armed with guns and grenades have attacked ships. The Eastern and north eastern coasts of Somalia continue to be high-risk areas for hijackings. The IMB further advised ships not making scheduled calls to ports in these areas to stay away from the coasts. 

The following is a list of areas where an actual attack took place in the period 12–18 April 2005, as reported by the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre. A more detailed description of each incident can be found in the IMB website. 

wharf 114, Tg. Priok port, Indonesia, 17.04.2005 at 0500 local time

wharf 114, Tg. Priok port, Indonesia, 16.04.2005 at 2230 local time

Malacca straits, (02:59N - 100:47E)

Jakarta anchorage, Indonesia (06:02.24S106:55.68E)

east coast of Sri Lanka (07:35N- 082:07E)

off eastern coast of Somalia (00:50S– 047:36E) 

Kindly note that the piracy reports cover all types of ships. 

Contact: Minerva R. Alfonso